Long-Term Effects of Car Accidents

While auto accidents frequently result in injuries requiring immediate medical treatment, their impact can often last longer. In some cases, people must deal with the lingering effects for several weeks, months or the rest of their lives. Besides the physical trauma, many individuals have difficulty managing the emotional after-effects of a car crash.

Long-Term Physical Effects of Car Accidents

The most fortunate car crash victims may experience only minor cuts or bruises or walk away from the mishap unscathed. Others aren’t as lucky — those who suffer from head trauma, neck and spinal cord injuries, compound fractures or severe burns face a long road to recovery. Ongoing treatment is often necessary to alleviate their pain and suffering.

In other situations, individuals experience permanent liabilities that impact their quality of life. A traumatic brain injury can significantly reduce cognitive capabilities — victims may have reasoning and memory challenges that prevent them from working or functioning normally. The loss of a limb, paralysis, disfigurement and a lack of coordination are also accident-related issues that can linger for a lifetime.

Long-Term Emotional Effects of an Auto Accident

While the physical long-term effects of car accidents may be obvious, the mental consequences can be more difficult to identify and manage. The emotional trauma can be as debilitating as a shattered limb or an injured back, especially if the individual doesn’t recognize the symptoms and seek treatment.

Some accident victims relive the trauma whenever they drive or ride in a vehicle and experience irrational fears that it will happen again. Unsettling flashbacks, sleep disturbances and even nightmares can also occur. People dealing with constant pain or a disability resulting from an accident may become depressed due to their inability to function normally.

When drivers cause an accident, they might feel lingering shame or guilt, especially if others involved in the mishap experienced life-altering injuries. Anger management issues can also occur, as individuals may take out their emotional pain and frustration on others.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment After Car Accidents

While the need for medical treatment after a crash is often apparent, such as when a severe or life-threatening injury occurs, it’s a good idea to seek an injury evaluation in any situation for several reasons:

  • Discovering hidden injuries: The adrenaline rush many people experience in the aftermath of an accident can sometimes mask the pain from an injury. Appropriate medical care can often detect and treat these issues before they escalate — it could take weeks or months for symptoms to appear.
  • Treating clear injuries: Many injuries require immediate treatment, even if the person thinks it’s something minor and will heal on its own.
  • Following a proper treatment plan: A qualified medical professional can recommend a program that will produce the fastest and most comprehensive recovery.

Get Started With Injury Treatment From Complete Care

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