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Affordable Auto Accident Healthcare From The Team That Cares.

Since 2011, Complete Care has helped thousands navigate recovery and PIP insurance claims after auto accidents with clinical excellence. We’re bringing back the “care” in healthcare and our promise is to provide you with a patient-first experience.

Walk in, same day, and telehealth appointments are available, so you can be seen quickly as an alternative to going to the ER or urgent care.

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27 Convenient Neighborhood Locations Across Central Florida, Lakeland-Winter Haven and Brevard County.

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Fully Integrated Auto Injury Treatment

Complete Care Centers provide auto injury patients with all the services they need in one place. Explore all services offered at our multi-specialty clinics.

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Appropriate post-car accident treatment can often detect injuries and provide clarity of the extent of your injuries. Our auto accident clinics offer on-site treatment and rehabilitation. To schedule an appointment at one of our 27 clinics or to learn more, call us at(407) 974-6851. 

We’ve Helped Thousands Recover From Auto Accident Injuries

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Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Great place to get your body moving again after an accident

Island Life TV Avatar Island Life TV
February 14, 2024
About Complete Care

Comprehensive, Caring and Affordable Healthcare for Injuries

Complete Care is a multi-specialty healthcare facility that focuses on helping patients recover (fully) after an auto accident. We take a holistic approach and offer our patients convenient injury care with rehab, imaging, orthopedic and neuro professionals all under one roof.

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  • The people at Complete Care (Dixon Blvd) do live up to their name by providing the “Complete Care” that I need! They have been caring for my physical recovery through hands-on therapy at their Integrative Physical Medicine Center, also by setting up appointments for MRI in Longwood, and appointments for consulation for physical progress interviews with Interventional Associates. By doing so they make sure they cover “all the bases” thus providing “complete care”. Presently, I go to the Integrative Physical Medicine center, on average three times per week. The people there are a real pleasure to interact with, and this is exactly what is needed to brighten the day for someone who is going through the painful aftermath of a vehicle accident. Erin R. always welcomes me with the warmest smile and greets me with the kindest words, thus setting the tone for a pleasant day’s interaction with the rest of the staff and a pleasant mood throughout my therapy. Laquanna H, though fairly new at the Dixon Blvd branch which I go to, has quickly become versed in her role as Administrative Health Ccordinator. This is evident by the highly professional way she answers the phone whenever I call, and how accommodating she is whenever I need a reschedule. Dr. Martinez always show empathy by the way he always ask how is my day going, how I am doing, and by adjusting the pressure and duration of the Arthro-Stem according to my needs. Through conversation Dr. Martinez tries to find common ground with his patients as he did with me. By showing interest, he learnt that I am originally from Jamaica, and I learnt that he is from Puerto Rico thus making us Caribbean brothers. Ryan C. though I do not interact with him on a daily basis, he has certainly left a first impression on me. As the Practice Manager, the caring interest he showed on my initial visit is one that I still remember.

    John Wallen Avatar John Wallen
    May 17, 2023

    All I have to say is thank you! Everyone in the facility is outstanding and very dedicated. I have to give a shout out to this amazing ladies Gabby, Ella, Chelsea, Nisa and Cassandra.

    Emily Garcia Avatar Emily Garcia
    January 10, 2023

    Had my exam done by Dr Partlow and she was very kind and thorough. The front desk staff were full of smiles and super helpful.

    Rachel Lynn Avatar Rachel Lynn
    January 10, 2023
  • I love this place. The staff is awesome and the process from diagnosis to implementation of therapy is definitely a complete path to recovery. Thanks to gabby,Shayda, and Kiersten

    marco. Avatar marco.
    January 10, 2023

    This place is awesome! Very clean, great staff working at the front desk and in the P.T. department. The docs are knowledgeable and helpful. A big shout out to Cassandra and Elle for their amazing care. You all ROCK!

    Pamela Wilson Avatar Pamela Wilson
    May 17, 2023

    Great team here. Peggy, Shayda, and Kierstyn at the front desk are always accommodating with scheduling. For the PT part of the visits, Ella, Nisa, and Cassandra are all awesome (Gabby and Chelsea too, even though they’re at different locations now). This group seems to work really well together. I’ve seen each of them handle multiple patients simultaneously and effectively, tagging in/out for each other as needed. You’re never left waiting beyond a few minutes if it’s particularly busy. They take your feedback into consideration for all the exercises they have you do, and are pleasant while doing so.

    Anna Welsh Avatar Anna Welsh
    April 10, 2023
  • Awesome people and great care. Dr. Searls, Shayda, Kierstyn, Ella and the rest of the staff are awesome. I highly recommend.

    Rick Baird Avatar Rick Baird
    January 10, 2023

    I love this place. The staff is awesome and the process from diagnosis to implementation of therapy is definitely a complete path to recovery. The exercises are tailored to your specific injuries and the doctor explains your X-rays and what happens every step of the way. Therapy is hard but this place makes it seems peaceful. The staff is flexible with my scheduling and very pleasant. I highly recommend this establishment for your recovery.

    Tashika Martin Avatar Tashika Martin
    July 1, 2022

    The front desk staff (Erin K. & LaQuanna) are responsive and friendly, and the folks managing your care in the treatment area (Ella, Nisa, Casandra) are absolutely a pleasure to work with – it’s hard to be hurting if you’re laughing!

    Richard Varn Avatar Richard Varn
    May 10, 2023