Lidocaine Patch Instructions

Using your Lidocaine Patches

Lidocaine patches are medicine patches that you will apply directly to your skin to provide temporary relief of aches and pains of joints and muscles.

  1. Clean affected area and let dry
  2. Remove the clear film on the patch exposing the adhesive back
  3. Apply adhesive backing on the patch directly to the skin
  4. It is recommended to use each patch for up to 8 hours
  5. Use 1 to 3 patches per day as needed for pain, not exceeding 3 patches per day
  6. If the patch is larger than the affected area, cut them to fit the area of pain
  7. Wash hands with soap and water after applying the patch
  8. Reseal the pouches after each use

Important Instructions

  • Do NOT apply these patches to your face, mouth, eyes, genitals, open wounds, rashes or damaged skin
  • Do not bandage tightly over the patch on your skin
  • Do not apply any heat such as a heating pad over the patch
  • Please notify your doctor if you have any allergy or sensitivity to lidocaine of topical analgesics
  • Avoid using a single lidocaine patch for more than 8 hours to avoid adverse side effects
  • Some individuals may not feel relief until several minutes or hours after applying the patch

Caring for your Lidocaine Patches

  • Avoid storing patches in direct sunlight and keep away from excessive moisture
  • Reseal each pouch after each use

For any questions or concerns about your Lidocaine Patches or application and use, contact your Complete Care Doctor at your treating location.