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Salt & Palm Cooking

Next in the Complete Care Keep it Local series is another small business in the Orlando area that deserves to be highlighted and needs our support, Salt & Palm Catering from right here in Orlando.

Salt & Palm was founded by owner Judie Amato just over 8 weeks ago. You read that right. They were founded just over 8 weeks ago right before our world got turned upside down. Having worked in the food business for over 30 years, Judie had a long list of people that had been asking for her to start her own business so she could make the food her fans loved. In just a short time, they turned in to a very successful business that employed 2 full-time chefs and up to 3 delivery drivers at a time. Due to the shut down, they have all been furloughed and Judie is trying to do everything herself to keep her business alive.

Salt & Palm focuses on corporate catering and can handle groups of less than 10 to hundreds (with 48 hours notice). Her clients were businesses that also have been greatly impacted by the quarantine orders which has greatly reduced revenue for the company. Complete Care has worked with Judie and we are partnering with her company to guarantee her company future sales from Complete Care not just because she needs the help, but because her food is great and our clients have loved it when it's been delivered. We can take care of our clients while working with a great local business to keep it local and support those who don't have the mega budgets to advertise like some places.

Salt & Palm CookingKnown for high quality food, they can cater for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They cater events from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is a $50 minimum to order and they would prefer at least 24 hours notice (but they can help out in an emergency...shhh) and will deliver and drop off your catering order in most of Central Florida.

To place an order, you can go to their website, send an email, or call Judie directly. She's ready to take your order and blow you away with her food quality and service. If you have people working in your office or location and are looking for a great small business to support during this time, we highly recommend Salt & Palm Catering. They are exactly the kind of business that needs our support.



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