People of Complete Care – Jessica Michael

People of Complete Care – Jessica Michael

In our continuing series to introduce you to the people behind the name, we switch from looking at some of our team members at Interventional Associates to taking a look at the team of amazing people who work at Complete Care - IPM. Our first introduction is one of our outstanding leaders, Jessica Michael.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Jessica MichaelJessica Michael is the District Manager of Business Development. She effectively leads her team to provide excellent customer service and inform the community about the unique and diverse services at Complete Care.

Jessica’s background in education provides her with a strong platform for educating her team as well as leading providers in the healthcare community.  She has managed business development representatives in 10 counties across Central Florida. Jessica uses a wide range of people-skills and expertise about our products and services to ensure we meet the needs of the healthcare community.  She is currently the most senior District Manager of Business Development in the organization. Her extensive background in both the medical and legal communities helps her have an innate understanding of the med/legal world. She has been instrumental in developing new sales strategies as well creating partnerships with hospital systems and large physician practices.

During Jessica’s time working as a Business Development Representative, she has successfully grown multiple territories within Central Florida.  Her understanding of the industry makes her a great coach and leader to drive her team to success. She is a pioneer of new learning and Industry best practices and understands the challenges that face providers as they integrate and incorporate changes to their practices. Creativity, lateral thinking, attention to detail along with focus and clarity are just some of the qualities Jessica contributes to her accounts.

Jessica is originally from the US Virgin Islands and moved to Charlotte to attend college.  During her first year at University of North Carolina Charlotte she was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After nearly a two-year battle, she was pronounced cancer free. Jessica is extremely passionate about helping others and this translates into her everyday life as she strives to help the injured get the proper care they deserve.

A results-driven strategist, Jessica provides expert relationship management and strategic guidance to her team. She builds trust through a demonstrated ability to optimize performance and achieve desired results.  She has a passion for professional and personal development to continue to bring the highest value to our referring accounts. As District Manager of Business Development, Jessica is responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing and sales plans to drive growth and support the bottom line of the organization.

Jessica and her team of caring professionals are working every day to ensure people who have been injured in car accidents are receiving the care they need to get back on the road to recovery.

If you'd like to connect with Jessica, you can find her on LinkedIn here: Jessica Michael's LinkedIn.