Hinged Wrist Brace Instructions

Using your Wrist Brace

  1. The brace will be fitted to you in office
  2. Slide affected wrist through the sleeve so that your thumb is fitted through the thumb hole and the brace cups the palm of your hand
  3. To tighten, wrap the support strap around the brace and adhere to the bottom of the wrist
  4. For further stabilization, tighten the two straps around the forearm
  5. Wear this brace for the time recommended to you by your doctor
  6. To remove, unstrap the support strap from the brace and undo both adjustment straps
  7. Slide hand out of the brace

Important Instructions

Caring for your Wrist Brace

For any questions or concerns about application or use, contact your Complete Care Doctor at your treating location.