Top Therapies Employed by Orlando Car Accident Doctors

Top Therapies Employed by Orlando Car Accident Doctors

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Doctor with PatientWhen you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important to visit a qualified Orlando car accident doctor rather than a general practitioner. This is because someone who regularly treats patients who have been involved in car accidents will have much more specialized knowledge and experience than your general practitioner, allowing you to receive superior care. Here at Complete Care, one of our top specialties is providing healing to those who have been in an auto accident. All of our doctors have been trained in state-of-the-art healing techniques that target those parts of the body that are often injured in a car accident. Read on to learn more about how auto accidents affect the body and what therapies our Orlando car accident doctors at Complete Care use in treating these patients!

A car accident can be extremely traumatic to the body. Even when clearly life-threatening injuries are not sustained, the impact of a motor vehicle accident can have long-lasting effects. The body’s natural reaction to an injury from a crash is to try and protect itself, which causes it to tense up its muscles, otherwise known as engaging in a protective spasm or muscle splinting. This process occurs asymmetrically around the spine, which leads to a decrease in normal range of motion and misalignments throughout the vertebral column. This, in turn, leads to a lot of pain, inflammation, and reduced range of motion.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Pain ReliefWhen our patients are in a motor vehicle accident, we encourage them to come into our office as soon as possible to be checked for injury, avoid potential long-term damage, and begin their full body recovery process. Our Orlando car accident doctors will provide proper diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they have sustained injuries from their accident until weeks after the wreck occurred because there can often be a delay in when you begin to feel pain. Following is a list and description of the therapeutic practices that we often use when helping out clients who have been in a car wreck (more detailed information is available here.

Spinal Manipulation Therapy or SMT is what might first come to mind when you think of going to a chiropractor. Spinal manipulation involves the application of a controlled, but sudden force to a particular joint and has been practiced for thousands of years, all over the world. Patients will often hear a cracking or popping noise like you sometimes experience when stretching your back. The goals of SMT are to correct the spine’s alignment that has been disturbed during a car wreck and therefore relieve pressure on specific joints, reduce inflammation, improve nerve function, and treat pain in the back, neck, shoulders, or head. With extensive training and experience, our Orlando car accident doctors will provide you with spinal manipulation you need.

Extremity Manipulation Therapy is similar to spinal manipulation therapy in that it involves correcting bone alignment, however it is used to treat the extremities rather than areas directly along the spine. Some body areas that can be treated using extremity manipulation therapy include the jaw, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Like the spine, these areas may come out of alignment during a car accident, causing significant pain. Extremity manipulation by our Orlando car accident doctors can help to remedy this.

Electric Stimulation Therapy involves the attachment of electrodes or pads to the patient’s skin. Small doses of electricity are administered, which mimics the way that the brain communicates with the muscles via the nervous system. These electrical impulses cause the muscles to contract. These muscle contractions improve blood circulation as well as range of motion. Electric stimulation can also reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. The process is painless and can be a very effective and non-addictive method of pain relief for those who have been involved in an auto accident!

Injection Therapy is a great option for patients experiencing debilitating back pain following a car accident. An epidural steroid injection (ESI), which is different from an epidural administered before childbirth or surgery, is an injection of anti-inflammatory medication into a small open space in the spinal cord, known as the epidural space. These injections are able to numb extreme back pain, alleviate nerve pressure, and reduce inflammation. The ESI often takes around 24 hours to take effect, but will then remain effective for anywhere between several weeks to several months.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Office BuildingIf you or someone you love has been in a car accident in the Orlando, Florida area, call us today. We will be able to schedule an appointment for you to meet with an Orlando car accident doctor. Our convenient locations include offices in:

Our experienced and qualified Orlando car accident doctors at Complete Care are ready to help you recover from your accident and move on with your life, just like we helped William from the following video!

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