The People of Interventional Associates – Jenna Jones

The People of Interventional Associates - Jenna Jones

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Next up in our series of introductions to the people of Interventional Associates is one of our Underwriting Supervisor's, Jenna Jones.

Jenna was born and raised in the Central Florida area. Jenna’s passion for the medical field started when she made the decision to go back to school in 2008. Jenna earned her associate degree in Medical Assisting, and a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management soon followed. Soon after graduating in 2015, Jenna started her personal injury journey working at a local chiropractic office. In 2017, Jenna decided she wanted to explore the legal side of personal injury and took a job working at an attorney’s office that specialized in personal injury cases. She quickly realized that her talents would be better used on the medical side of personal injury and moved on to Interventional Associates.

Jenna has served as a significant part of the Interventional Associates team for over two years. Throughout her time at Interventional Associates, she has held the roles of Practice Manager and Underwriting Supervisor. As a Practice Manager, Jenna was able to spend one on one time with patients and experience the ups and downs of their treatment process with them. Her time as a practice manager has given her invaluable insight into the needs of a patient, and she uses that knowledge daily in her current role as the Underwriting Supervisor.

As Underwriting Supervisor, Jenna works closely with patient attorneys to help ensure that both the patient and their attorney understand the financial responsibilities related to their care. She is also there to answer any questions patients and attorneys may have about the recommended treatment plans. Both of Jenna’s roles have allowed her to oversee patient care from start to finish, and she truly believes in the Interventional Associates process.

Jenna has two athletic children who keep her extremely active outside of work. On the rare occasion she is not at the fields, she enjoys trips to the beach with her family. With two athletes in the house, she knows how important it is to take care of your body the right way, especially when it is injured.  She is incredibly passionate about helping patients get the relief they are searching for through pain management procedures or medically necessary surgeries and has dedicated her career to continuing the excellent quality of care of Interventional Associates patients. Complete Care and Interventional Associates is Jenna’s second home and they have stolen her heart.

Jenna is one more of the many outstanding members of the Interventional Associates team who work every day to get patients the care they need to continue their drive towards recovery.