The People of Interventional Associates – Jewel Baxter

The People of Interventional Associates - Jewel Baxter

Welcome to the first in our series of introductions to the people behind the name. We have an incredible group of talented people at Interventional Associates and we want everyone to get to know them. A company is nothing without it's people.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Jewel BaxterJewel Baxter is first up in our series.

Jewel has always enjoyed helping people, building relationships, and partnering with people to help connect others. She likes to call it “connecting with a cause”. Jewel was born and raised in the center of Polk County, the water ski capital of the world. With two competitive Championship water skiers in her household, she is no stranger to neck, back, knee, and other injuries associated with the sport. Jewel says, “it just comes with the territory!” but this was the path that helped Jewel discover the importance of conservative care and the life changing ability that it has, not only with water ski injuries but more so with patients who have been injured in a car accident.

The idea of a person being left with pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives, if left untreated and un-diagnosed, fuels her passion to help get them connected to great medicine and the best patient care. Jewel has positioned herself in the most fulfilling role with Complete Care as a Practice Relationship Representative, Jewel can take her customer development and relations background and use it to build the strongest partnerships with best patient care providers. She feels that this is one of the most rewarding parts, to be a small part in patients receiving the very best treatments they dearly need.

As a Practice Relationship Representative she is responsible for communication with referring personal injury practices.  Jewel’s passion for Complete Care and her belief in serviceship truly makes her standout. She is very hard working and always looking for ways to help. Jewel has made a huge impact on Interventional Associates – Lakeland, the patients we serve, and the referring offices that trust us with their patients’ care. Jewel is always ready to lend a helping hand where it’s needed. Need our open availability? She’s got it! Do you want hand delivered records? She will make it happen! Do you like to stay up to date with the latest information on providers and your patients? She is your Representative!

Jewel is an integral part of the team at Interventional Associates and it's because of our team and our people that we are able to take care of patients and make a difference in their lives.