The Junction Bar and Restaurant

The Junction Bar and Restaurant

Pasta from The Junction Bar and Restaurant

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care The Junction PastaPart 2 in our Keep it Local series highlighting great local restaurants who are doing the best they can do survive during the corona crisis. Today we are introducing you to a very special local spot that in a short time has become a neighborhood and community favorite, The Junction Bar and Restaurant.

Opened in 2018, The Junction Bar and Restaurant features modern Caribbean food with a twist. Live music on the weekends and a place for the community to get together and hang out. Co-owner Joanne Graham says that at The Junction, "you become family and a friend here and it's a place where you create memories."

Prior to the crisis, The Junction employed 22 employees. Due to the stay at home orders, they are operating now with just 5. The day the orders were announced, The Junction was about to begin renovations on the restaurant but they immediately stopped the renovation plans to use the money for employees instead. The shut down has lasted longer than the money they had and while they were able to pay their teams for a short time, the money just isn't there now to continue resulting in furloughs of staff.

Like other restaurants, The Junction is open for carry-out and delivery, but even with those options available, sales are down over 70%. The Junction is not alone in this situation. The public may be thinking that restaurants being allowed to continue operating for carry-out and delivery replaces the business they have lost due to the shut down. In the vast majority of cases, it doesn't come anywhere near replacing their lost business or bringing in the revenue they need to survive and pay employees.

What can help? We can focus on helping each other. The Complete Care Keep it Local campaign focuses on businesses like The Junction Bar and Restaurant. Great local spots that are valuable members of their community who do not have the cash reserves of the huge corporate restaurants to be able to advertise and and handle any major shifts in business like we are currently experiencing.

Salmon from The Junction Bar and Restaurant

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care The Junction SalmonKnown for their Honey Garlic Salmon, Junction Tacos, and Rasta Pasta, the food here is why we need to help our local restaurants. Creating items that are a fusion of Caribbean and American flavors in ways you don't see in the big corporate places because creativity thrives in local restaurants.  When Joanne thinks of something, she can have it on the menu that day for customers to begin enjoying.

You can help support this great local restaurant by placing an order. If you are going to order carry-out food during this time, take a look at a local place like The Junction rather than the big corporate places. At least give your local place a try and work them in to your rotation of any of the other places you might like.  You can order from The Junction by calling in to (407) 203-1377 and they deliver through Uber Eats and the other popular delivery app options.

The Junction Bar and Restaurant Location

2131 W. Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804

For up to date information on new menu items and updates, follow them at their Facebook page or you can follow them on Instagram for pictures sure to make your mouth water.