TENS Unit Instructions

Using your TENS Unit

  1. Peel electrodes off of plastic sheet and apply to clean, dry skin surrounding the area of pain. Avoid the use of lotion or oil before application.
  2. Connect the red and black lead wires to the electrodes so that the wires crisscross. Plug the other end into the top of the unit. For example, see diagram.
  3. Turn the intensity dial on the top edge of the unit to turn the unit on.
  4. Set the mode to the desired option. Modes may appear slightly different according to the model# of the unit.
    • C = Continuous mode also called "Normal" mode
    • M = Modulation mode (intensity will cycle from low to high)
    • B = Burst mode (pulses on and off)
    • SDl (or SDR) & SD2 (or SDW) = Strength-duration mode (width and rate will alternate so that one parameter increases while the other decreases and vice versa)
TENS Unit Instructions

5. Set the timer to a minimum of 30 minutes to achieve pain relief.

6. Turn the intensity dial up to increase the strength to a level that is strong, but comfortable. You may cover the skin with a towel or t-shirt and place ice or heat on the same area. Do not place ice or heat directly on skin or directly on electrodes.

7. When timer auto shuts off the unit, move the intensity dials to the off position. Do not remove electrodes while the unit is on.

8. Remove electrodes from the skin, gently peeling from the corner of the pad. Do not pull electrodes off by the wire. Place the electrodes back on the plastic sheet while not in use.

Important Instructions

  • Do not use TENS unit in water or while skin is wet.
  • Do not operate TENS unit while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Do not apply electrodes to broken or irritated skin. Discontinue use and consult the physician if irritation occurs.
  • When applying ice or heat, do not place directly on skin or directly on electrodes.
  • Do not use ice or heat for longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Discontinue use and immediately notify the physician if you experience any adverse event while using this equipment including, but not limited to: skin irritation at the electrode site, burning sensation, pain, or loss of effectiveness at relieving pain, etc.

Caring for your TENS Unit

  • Replace batteries with 9v battery only. Remove battery if unit is not in use for a long time to avoid battery acid leakage.
  • Always keep electrodes and TENS unit in cool, dry place.
  • Do not apply electrodes to face, front of neck, on the chest or on the genital area.
  • Notify staff when electrodes no longer stick to skin and we will replace them for you.
  • Clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Do not submerge unit in water.

For any questions or concerns about application or use, contact your Complete Care Doctor at your treating location.