Sacroiliac (SI) Belt Instructions

Using your SI Belt

The SI belt is used to help support the lowest section of the spine called the Sacroiliac joint. It can help relieve pain and minimize re-injury of the joint and ligaments in that area.

  1. The belt will be fitted to you in-office
  2. When putting the brace on, the strings on the back of the brace should be even and flat, not twisted.
  3. Find the widest part of the hips, and place the belt one inch above the hips so the pads lay directly on the SI joints
  4. Once the belt is in the correct position and symmetrical, wrap the belt around the body, laying the left strap down first, and the right side over top
  5. Once the Velcro is secured snugly but not too tight, place thumbs in the two loops
  6. Detach the loops from the belt and evenly pull them straight out, feeling a synching sensation which provides additional support
  7. Keeping the desired tension, cross the thumb loops over the body, adhering the loops back onto the front of the belt

Important Instructions

  • Wear the belt for the prescribed amount of time recommended by your doctor
  • Wear an undershirt so there is a barrier between your skin and the belt
  • It is recommended to wear the belt during pain-producing activities
  • Stay consistent with icing the sacroiliac region when not using the brace

Caring for your SI Belt

For any questions or concerns about application or use, contact your Complete Care Doctor at your treating location.