Lumbar Support Orthotic Instructions

Using your Lumbar Support Orthotic

This LSO (back brace) can provide relief from pain by stabilizing and supporting your spine while you perform pain producing activities.

  1. The brace will be fitted to you in-office. You can always bring it back in and we can re-size it for you
  2. The brace can be worn higher or lower on your back depending on where the pain is
  3. Make sure the logo on the front of the brace is always on the right side with the logo facing up
  4. Wrap the brace around your mid -section laying the left side down first, then the aligning the right side on top
  5. It should feel supportive, but not tight
  6. When ready, place thumb through the loops on each side and equally pull them until you have the desired support
  7. Maintaining that tension, cross the straps in the front and attach them to the velcro on the front of the brace

Important Instructions

  • It is recommended to wear the brace up to eight hours per day
  • Wear an undershirt so there is a barrier between your skin and the brace
  • It is recommended to wear the brace during pain-producing activities
  • Stay consistent with icing the lumbar region when not using the brace

Caring for your Lumbar Support Orthotic

  • Spot clean the brace as needed

For any questions or concerns about application or use, contact your Complete Care Doctor at your treating location.