How Can We Help?

How Can We Help United Against Poverty?

UP Orlando
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That’s the question our very own Dr. Ott and Dr. Bret asked UP, United Against Poverty.  They knew it was time to give something back to the community that had been so good to them for so many years.

“We talked about the need for corporate and social responsibility on our part.  When we survey our own lives, we look at what we’re blessed with.  We look at how good this community has been to us and our families. It seemed like it was time that we start doing something to give back,” said Dr. Ott.

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How they’re giving back is with a $240,000 commitment donation to UP as well as encouraging all employees to give back however they can through CC volunteer days, donations, and interoffice competitions.  UP is an organization which serves more than 500 people each day who find themselves living at 200% or below the poverty level.  Through crisis care, education, food and household subsidies, employment training and placement as well as other services, they help people lift themselves out of poverty.  Dr. Ott and Dr. Bret knew it was the perfect way to give back.

“This is one of the largest corporate contributions we’ve ever had.”

- Eric Gray, Executive Director UP

The commitment donation was presented at UP’s “Corporate Volunteer Kickoff Event” at their community center in Orlando on November 10th.  With a busload of CC employees present and ready to work, UP’s newly named grocery was unveiled.

“We are renaming this the Complete Care Member Share Grocery. That may be  a mouthful, but it’s an important mouthful.”

- Eric Gray, Executive Director UP

The grocery provides assistance to those in need by selling nutritional food and household goods as high as 70% off retail stores to their members.

CC employees were excited to be at the event and were all eager to get started making a difference by helping at the store.  One said, “The fact that we’re doing it for a good cause, team bonding, and giving back to the community, that’s priceless.”

Another employee expressed pride in CC’s efforts.  “It makes me proud to say that we not only help people in our office, but we help people outside our office as well.”

With the commitment and enthusiasm of all of our employees at CC, we know that through UP, we can help many people in Central Florida lift themselves up out of poverty and onto their own feet.

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