Demystifying PIP Insurance

Demystifying PIP Insurance

In the state of Florida, it’s a requirement that all drivers have Personal Injury Protection insurance. Also called No-Fault Insurance, PIP insurance helps you pay for your medical bills as well as your passengers’ if you get in an auto accident, no matter who was at fault. PIP also covers you if you are a passenger or if you are a pedestrian and you’re hit by a car.

PIP Insurance is for Medical Bills Including Operations and Hospitalization But May Cover:
  • Loss of income because of your injuries
  • Health insurance deductible
  • Ongoing professional care
  • Funeral expenses and accidental death benefits
  • Home care expenses such as childcare or cleaning if you’re unable to do them
What PIP Doesn’t Cover:
  • Collision (coverage for your vehicle repairs)
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage (for damage of the other driver’s vehicle or other property damaged in the accident like a fence)
  • Medical bills that exceed the limits of your coverage

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Auto Accident ReliefIf you live in a state that requires PIP insurance, like Florida, you must file an auto injury under your PIP insurance before filing a claim with your health insurance company.

In Florida, your PIP insurance will only pay 80% of your medical costs, which means if your medical bills are $10,000, your PIP will only pay $8,000 of it and if it’s not an emergency, it’ll only pay $2,500. If you’re injured and disabled, PIP will pay 60% of your lost wages, up to a $10,000 limit. This includes other things that you can no longer do like household chores and daycare. Death benefits or funeral expenses are covered up to $5,000.

The state of Florida requires that you purchase the minimum $10,000 coverage which is also the maximum. Some states allow you to purchase extra PIP insurance but Florida is not one of them.

At Complete Care, we’re highly experienced in handling auto accident injuries from diagnosing them and implementing a comprehensive treatment plan to helping you with all paperwork including your PIP insurance claim.

Remember, in the state of Florida, you only have 14 days after your accident to be seen by a physician or you risk losing your ability to file a claim. If you’ve been in an auto accident, call the doctors at Complete Care and make an appointment today!