The Cost of Not Seeing a Doctor After You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

The Cost of Not Seeing a Doctor After You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Doctor with PatientIf you’ve been in an automobile accident, you may feel perfectly fine, or you may feel a little sore but attribute it to the stress your body went through in the accident, and shrug it off.  Your body did go through a lot of stress, and that stress could have caused hidden injuries that could cause damage that could require long-term care and treatment.  You could be hurt and not even know it.

What are hidden injuries?  These are injuries whose symptoms may go unnoticed such as whiplash, concussion, back injuries, brain injuries, neck injuries, and other soft tissue injuries.  They can be minor injuries that require little treatment or they can be major injuries that require extensive, lengthy treatment programs.

If you wait to be examined and discover only after the 14-day cut-off period in which Florida residents have to see a physician that you are injured, you can lose your ability to file a claim.  Even if you are within the timeframe, insurance companies are more likely to pay a claim if you have gone to see a doctor like our doctors at Complete Care immediately after having been in an accident and have all of the proper documentation that supports your claim that your injuries occurred in the accident.  If you refuse medical attention offered at the scene of the accident, the insurance company will want to know why.  Are you faking your injuries?  They will be suspicious of injuries that “popped up” later and may refuse your claim.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Patient and DoctorWhiplash is an injury whose symptoms may not appear right away that can cause long-term pain requiring long-term rehabilitation and pain management.  If not detected right away, you could be facing care that could be extremely expensive.  Without the help of insurance, adequate treatment could be too much to afford and you may be forced to give up and live with the pain for the rest of your life.

If you are seen and diagnosed by one of our doctors at Complete Care, who are specifically trained to detect hidden injuries, they will not only make sure you have all of the correct supporting documentation to file your claim, they will also come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to treat your injury, no matter how short or how long it takes to get you back to your condition before the accident.

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, call Complete Care of Orlando at immediately and we’ll get you in to see a doctor as soon as possible, in most cases the same day you call.  When it comes to your health, it’s better to be safe than sorry.