Complete Care upgrades its MRI capabilities to serve a more diverse population comfortably.


Siemen's Altea MRI

Orlando, FL, June 12, 2023– Complete Care announced the addition of two new Wide-bore MRI machines to its imaging facilities in Lakeland and Lake Mary, Florida. Patients have different shapes, sizes and medical conditions which can create challenges in MRI.  The new MRI scanners with BioMatrix technology automatically adjust to the unique needs of each patient. The technology provides high-quality 1.5T images for both routine clinical exams and the most advanced cases.  

“At Complete Care, we are providing health care services to people injured in car accidents where traumatic brain injury is a serious concern, even for mild injuries. Having advanced imaging methods that can improve findings for acute symptoms and long-term outcomes is critical in our ability to provide comprehensive care for our patients,” said Brent Williams, CEO of Complete Care. “Wide-bore MRI also allows us to deliver on our core value of compassionate care as the new units have been shown to decrease anxiety and screen patients faster.” 

Additional features include Biomatrix Technology that captures breathing patterns and head motion to anticipate movement during a scan and ensure high-quality results; distortion-free, whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging DWI scans and reliable fat saturation for DWI sequences used in traumatic brain injury protocols; and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically position patients up to 30 percent faster and avoid repositioning delays so patients have a shorter visit. 


Complete Care is a health system with a core focus on injury care. Established in Orlando in 2011, the company has grown to more than 36 practices in 10 counties. Complete Care provides comprehensive care and a seamless patient experience for car accident patients at its Complete Care Injury Care & Rehab, Complete Care Diagnostic Imaging and Complete Care Spine & Orthopedics sites. Services include physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, chiropractic care, interventional pain management, orthopedic surgery, neurology and imaging. Give our experts a call today at (407) 974-6851 to get started.