CC and United Against Poverty

CC and United Against Poverty

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Up OrlandoAt CC, we believe in the importance of giving back to our community. In the Orlando area, 1 in 4 children lives in poverty, a statistic that is disheartening and unacceptable. That is why on November 10th, our very own Dr. Ott and Dr. Bret will present a $20,000 per month commitment donation to UP, United Against Poverty at their “Corporate Volunteers Kickoff Event”. The event encourages the staff at CC and their families to volunteer and give back in any way that they can through CC volunteer days, donations, and competition amongst all of the CC offices.

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UP is a non-profit organization that serves people living in poverty by providing crisis care, case management, transformative education, food and household subsidies, as well as employment training and placement. They believe that poverty can be temporary, and their main goal is to inspire those living below the poverty level and to lift themselves up and have a future full of hope and success. They’re proud to serve more than 500 people each and every day. UP believes that every family should have access to basic needs such as nutritional food and household products, care, and training that will allow them opportunities to make improvements in their lives for a better future for themselves and for their families.

Auto Injury Treatment FL Complete Care Up Orlando The $20,000 per month donation will go to the Member Share Grocery Program, which is a vital food and household assistance program in which members can select

nutritious food items and other household needs for their families. UP purchases groceries in bulk as well as receive product donations from major grocery chains, and for a small handling fee to cover transportation and other costs to keep the

program going, and qualified families can get the food and items they need, saving them up to 70% off their household food budget. The grocery is being renamed The CC Member Share Grocery and we’re very proud to have our name on such a valuable project.

We can’t think of a more important and worthy program to be a part of and we hope to make a large contribution to the Orlando community through the Corporate Volunteer program and help families in need in our community.