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About Us

Complete Care is a multi-specialty medical group, uniting top-tier talent and leading-edge technologies to deliver clinical, operational, and cultural excellence.

At Complete Care, we take pride in providing equal employment opportunities to everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, beliefs, religion, marital status, gender, gender identity, citizenship status, age, veteran status or disability.


After witnessing a lack of proper assessment and support for patients that have been involved in an accident we saw a dire need in the community for clinics and doctors who would provide excellent evaluation and treatment of their injuries and the support needed to guide them through the process. This is what led to the family of practices that is Complete Care.

Complete Care consists of Integrative Physical Medicine, Centers for Imaging, and Interventional Associates. Together they provide patients with immediate access to chiropractic care, physiotherapy, state of the art imaging, interventional pain management, and orthopedic specialists.

Integrative Physical Medicine

Integrative Physical Medicine offers chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and comprehensive testing. In each clinic, there is an experienced and trained staff eager to help. Our Chiropractic Physicians evaluate, treat, and make appropriate referrals for each patient. We have designated Case Managers who provide support and answer any questions. Our trained doctors and Chiropractic Assistants help each patient with their prescribed therapies and medical equipment. Each administrative staff member provides excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Centers for Imaging

Centers for Imaging is one of the most advanced MRI practices offering cutting edge technologies in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. CFI has MRI, Open MRI, and DTI for the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries. Our team of trained MRI technologists and experienced diagnostic radiologists strive to improve the healthcare experience for our patients by providing skilled execution and comprehensive review of all imaging.

Interventional Associates

Interventional Associates was opened to provide expedient orthopedic evaluation and treatment that focuses on proper diagnosis, minimally invasive procedures including spine and extremity surgery and neurology. Our team includes an experienced spine surgeon, extremity surgeon, interventional pain management specialists, and neurologists. Our trained medical assistants help patients during any recommended procedures while our Case Managers provide support and explanation of any questions and billing inquires.

Future Growth

With 31 locations, we serve patients in 10 counties throughout Central Florida. Complete Care is building toward being the national platform for treating the injured in a fully integrated health system while continuing to maintain our unmatched patient-centric pillars of ethics, diligence, and clinical expertise. We look forward to continuing to serve our patients with the care they deserve.

Employees of the Month

Auto Accident Care Orlando FL Betsy Hegarty Employee Of The MonthBetsy is our Practice Manager here at IPM Hunter's Creek, and as a whole team, I believe we can all agree we are very lucky to have her. Betsy is a very caring manager that constantly makes sure everyone in the office is okay and has everything they need in order to perform their job. She makes everyone feel welcomed and as though they are a valuable part of her team. She makes sure that we have a family like environment in the office, she checks in with everyone at all team meetings, and ensures that everyone is growing and learning while at work. She takes time to help us when we have any questions, and even invests time into creating team building activities in the office. Betsy truly goes out of her way to be there for her team. She actively listens to our concerns and suggestions with an open heart. Betsy has always said that her goal is that we wake up and look forward to going to work, and I can confidently say I feel that way because of all of the effort she puts into making this the best work environment it can be. Betsy is an inspiration to all of us and we are very grateful to have such a hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated woman leading our team!


Auto Accident Care Orlando FL Brian Rice Employee Of The MonthDr. Rice is great with the patients, always addresses all their concerns, takes the time to ask the patient about their day, and always make the patients comfortable when they come in for their appointment. Dr. Rice is a great addition to the team, always cares about everyone in the office being okay, and does not hesitate to help out the staff when needed. Dr. Rice is great at communicating with his team and always has great ideas to improve the patient's well-being. Overall, working with Dr. Rice is great and he makes the work environment very pleasant.

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