Those Auto Insurance Phone Calls

Those Auto Insurance Phone Calls

Auto Insurance companies hate to pay out money and will do whatever they can to convince you to settle your case because it’ll cost them less in the long run. The auto insurance adjuster may seem perfectly friendly and nice, but make no mistake, their only goal is to settle to save their company money.  They’ve been trained extensively at what they do which is to pay out as little as possible for your medical bills and recovery.

If you’re receiving calls from the insurance company, see a SafeCare Doc immediately. It’s vital to identify what injury was caused by the accident and find out its level of severity.

The auto insurance company looks at what the injury is and the factors of the accident and then quantifies your injuries. When they speak to you on the phone, they are kind and empathetic, and they will use words that minimize your real pain. They wouldn’t use terms like “shooting pain” but would instead refer to it as “discomfort” and by the end of the conversation, you might be in agony but they’d have you convinced that you’re just feeling a temporary discomfort. This is what they’re trained to do.

Of course, you’re in an emotional state because you were in an accident and were injured which can lead to confusion, and you don’t want the auto insurance company to think you’re trying to scam money out of them so you may begin to agree with their assessment that the accident had a minimum impact.

If they convince you to settle, they’ll offer you a few hundred dollars or maybe a little more if the accident was more severe, but once you’ve settled, you waive any right to benefits later down the road. If your medical bills are more than what you settled for, they’re all your responsibility, even if you were not at fault for the accident.

Sometimes, people begin treatment with us and the insurance company calls them often, building a rapport with them, and will convince them to stop treatment and settle for a lump sum, but this is always a mistake. Treatment for an accident injury can be a long term process and could go on for months or years to be fully healed. These people who settle usually come back to us down the road, in more pain and have to start from the beginning again with the money gone. Most patients who settle will usually come to regret it.

If you’ve been in an auto accident in the Orlando area, see a doctor at SafeCare Docs of Orlando immediately. We will not only diagnose and treat your injuries, we’ll fill out any paperwork to help you file your claim and advise you to speak to an attorney for advice before you make that first call to an insurance company.

Don’t fall for settling. Call SafeCare Docs of Orlando today.